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Month of Hope

We are all living in a world filled with uncertainty and unknowns. This is not all that different from our families when they are given a pediatric cancer diagnosis. Suddenly, they are thrust into a world of what ifs and worries that they have never faced before with no definite end in sight. One parent may leave his or her job to stay home with their child or be asked to leave due to attendance issues leading to loss of income and stability. Suddenly, the idea of birthday parties or sleepovers or even a visit to see family members comes with fear of exposure to illness leading to the realization that the safest place for their family is home until all of this passes. A cold, the flu, or any virus including Covid-19 can lead to hospitalization for their child leaving them with added stressors beyond just the cancer treatment, frightening survival rates and financial stress. The way many of us are living as we follow a stay home order is how our FGP Families often live day-to-day. A worry is always there for them over their child contracting a virus that their compromised immune system may not be able to fight but now we have Covid-19.

While our worlds have changed dramatically, theirs have, too but with the added fear of a cancer diagnosis and a compromised immune system in the world of Covid-19. Now we can more easily see how it must feel to be them. The difference is that when cancer hit their family, they didn't get a lifeline like a stimulus check or a small business loan to help their business, or extra unemployment. We are the life line for these families during their child's diagnosis. This is why we NEED YOU now more than ever to help fund our programs. Help us continue to provide a sense of stability to these families as they face they unknown. An unknown that will last long beyond Covid-19.

Join us for our Month of Hope!

Your support of our efforts in this month long fundraising campaign will allow us to continue to support our families! We ask that you spread the word, ask your friends and family for support!

Each goal will focus on funding a specific program:

May 5th-9th Goal: Fund 2 extra months of support groups (added due to Covid-19) $930

May 10th-16th Goal: Fund gas cards for 5 families for a month $1,499

May 17th-23rd Goal: Fund our bereavement retreat for 6 families $2,172

May 24th-June 5th Goal: Fund grocery cards for 3 Months $17, 364

*****Any money raised over the goals will go toward general funds.

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